The Training Program

Sign up for a weekly class (limited to 4 people) and cover all the techniques of Tony Cecchine’s American Catch Wrestling. This is the program to get ranking in the system.

Classes will be held twice per week. You can choose one of the days to attend. All classes taught in Wonder Lake, Il at my personal training room. Each class will be 1 hour of instruction. You can come early and/or stay after for drilling and practice.

*Sign up must be by the 24th of each month!


The Weekly Training Program

YES! I want to take my training to the highest level.

  • I understand that I will get a 60 minute training session per week
  • I can spend extra time working on my techniques
  • I can advance in rank through Tony Cecchine’s American Catch Wrestling.
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To sign up for more than one month just add to the quantity box.


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