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From: Tony Cecchine
Re: World Class Training

Learn one of the most devastating fighting styles in the world and become fully endorsed and certified to boot! No matter where you live…No matter what your experience level is…No matter if you’re young or old. This is a tremendous offer to become certified to teach the world famous Tony Cecchine Catch Wrestling Method.

  • The Real Deal. No ridiculous “Pro Wrestling” crap
  • Devastating strikes and kicks
  • Powerful mind development and implementation
  • World class strength and fitness training
  • Amateur, professional, recreational…it doesn’t matter your status

This ground breaking program has utilized modern technology to bring you training from the 4 corners of the earth:

  • Lifetime training at the World Headquarters in Chicago
  • Continuing education via distance video learning and testing
  • Each program is tailor made for YOU and your training partner
  • Unmatched technical knowledge is always just a call or email away

Just think about this:

  • Learn at your own pace. There are NO time limits
  • Training is not only for you, but for a training partner of your choice. It’s the two for one buddy system at its finest.
  • Receive my COMPLETE DVD/CD collection in DIGITAL download format instantly, for your study and reference needs in addition to direct training with me.
  • Become perhaps the first person in your state or region to gain once of the most difficult certifications to get, The TRI-C Certification

There is so much more that can be discussed here. Suffice to say…

Introducing: The Tri-C Catch Wrestling Training and Certification Program 

You’re just moments away from embarking on:

  • Truly world class fitness
  • The finest, most technical and sophisticated submissions known to man
  • The study of body mechanics and pinpoint destruction
  • Lifetime training
  • Certification and support to become a coach
  • Unbeatable self defense
  • and much, much more


“Brian Klaus”

My name is Brian Klaus. I am a Certified Strength and Conditioning
Specialist with a background in powerlifting and wrestling. In 2005 I won the AAPF National Powerlifting Championships, setting three Brian KlausWorld Records in the process. However, while trying to exceed my World Record Squat in training, I completely ruptured the ACL in my right knee.

While in rehab I began looking for a way to maintain my strength while achieving a more complete level of fitness than what I had while powerlifting. A friend of mine had purchased several of Tony Cecchine’s DVD’s including the Lost Art of Hooking, and the Lucky 13. I began utilizing the information on the videos and eventually enrolled in Tony’s Catch Wrestling Certification Course.

Training with Tony has really changed my life, I’ve seen my technique, conditioning, and agility increase every week, and I’m only getting started. For anyone looking for the finest instruction in martial arts, wrestling, and self-defense, or if you’re interested in being in the best shape of your life, you can find no better source than Tony Cecchine.”


Brian Klaus MS, CSCS

2005 AAPF National Powerlifting Champion

AWPC Powerlifting World Record Holder

Previous Experience is Not Necessary

It doesn’t matter if you have any wrestling or martial arts experience or not. Whatever your background, it will all be taken into account. So you see, if you’re a raw beginner or a serious, established practitioner of any style, it will NEVER count against you…it will always count in your favor. Why? Because I’m not looking to create clones. I’m looking for individuals that bring their own strengths and insight to the table. We’re all different and we all will fight differently. It’s my job to bring you along in a manner that will establish your own unique qualities.


“Paul “The Blade” Dodds”

pauldodds“I am writing to show my support to Tony Cecchine and his Tri-C instructorship program. I was one of the first to sign up on the course in July 2006 and to date, am the only guy in the UK in the program. Tony has provided incredible support and encouragement throughout the whole time that I have known him and is always ready to help. As he states in his ad for the program, it is not an easy course where you are just given a certificate, you are expected to work hard and show full commitment to your training – if you aren’t prepared to do that, then don’t sign up as you are wasting both your own money, and Tony’s time.

I have sent Tony numerous DVD’s showing my progress and he reviews the material as soon as you send it to him, giving you his opinion of all things good and bad that he has seen. It is quite common that I am on the telephone to Coach for hours at a time discussing training and I always learn something new, but more importantly, something that can be used in a real life situation. That is what the training is all based on – reality.

As a coach, in my opinion, Tony is the best I have seen in my 13 years of training martial arts and I can name many famous guys that I have trained with on seminars and private classes. He explains things clearly and concisely and motivates you to push yourself to your best abilities and beyond. Personally, I am now in the best shape of my life since starting the course.

Paul “The Blade” Dodds
United Kingdom


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“UFC Veteran”Shonie Carter

“Since I have been studying Tony’s Catch Wrestling, I can truthfully and clearly understand the art of submission. As you know, I am willing to lay it on the line against anyone, and Tony’s Catch techniques will make ’em scream!!!”

SHONIE “MR. INTERNATIONAL” CARTER, 4x UFC Veteran, King of Pancrase, Extreme Fighting, King of the Cage, Shidokan Champion, U.S. World Team.

I know the limitations of travel. Coming to train in Chicago for any length of time may be impractical for many of you and cost prohibitive as well. Because of that I’m making this offer that is 100% excuse free. I can’t make it any easier for you to learn and get certified in the process.

I have established the Cecchine Catch Certification Program…Tri-C for short. It is designed to be used in conjunction with all my recorded material as well as a continuing ongoing graded progression and learning procedure. Here’s the meat and potatoes of what you’ll receive and what I expect of you:

  • Free, Unlimited training in Chicago. That’s right. My enrollees all receive free, unlimited training in Chicago. Some come out every month. Others travel from as far away as the UK and Sweden a couple times a year. Nevertheless, you will receive all the hands on training you desire.
  • All enrollees will receive my complete INSTRUCTIONAL collection of study material. This package consists of the equivalent of 42 DVD’s and 6 CD’s which you will immediately download in MP4 and MP3 format. That covers an immense amount of material…enough to truly last you a lifetime.
  • The techniques have been heralded as the best in the world. Yep, you read correctly. The single most destructive package of submissions, rough house tactics, and fitness that’s ever been offered. Plus you’ll learn techniques that I have NEVER put on film. You’ll be far ahead of any other tape trainer because I’ll be letting you in on all of my little secrets.
  • In addition to all of that, once you have enrolled and received the material you will be given a study outline, my own personal training regimen to get you started studying the basics of body mechanics, movement, fitness, strength, and much more. You will be guided by the material covered on the various MP4s. You won’t be learning in a succession, rather I will meticulously pick out the various techniques  from every MP4 to have you get the most from your workouts.

“I Am Blown Away”

“I like the quick tap outs against experienced grapplers. When I say quick I mean 30-60 seconds to the finish.”

Bob Davis

The Course Literally Pays For Itself

Besides the obvious health and safety benefits you’ll receive (who can put a price on life?), you’ll generate students who will want to learn the amazing and dynamic techniques of Tony Cecchine’s Catch Wrestling. I’ll be here to help you not only learn, but to promote you in your teaching of Catch Wrestling as well. This alone can pay for itself in a couple of weeks time. Imagine getting paid to teach private lessons in Catch Wrestling. Believe me, after I’m through coaching you, people will be eager to look you up for consultations, advice, and training. Your earning potential will be terrific!

You Can Laugh At Physical Threats And Worries – If You Follow This Simple Plan

  • Enroll in this sensational program.
  • Adhere to the bonanza of principles that are on the MP4’s.
  • Practice diligently and faithfully.
  • Utilize the access you’ll gain to me and pick my brain.
  • Stay focused on the comprehensive nature of all the knowledge you’ll be acquiring.
  • Accept the challenge of some of the daring and dazzling techniques you’ll be required to do.
  • Be prepared to fulfill your destiny.

“The Methods”

“Tony’s methods of entering into the heel hook are light years beyond anything I’ve ever learned. I thought that since I wasn’t a wrestler, but a BJJ practitioner, I wouldn’t be interested in learning something completely new to me. But he and Shawn explain it perfectly, and my leg lock game has gone to new levels.”

Mark D’Amano

Become the first certified instructor in your town, state, or country!

Here’s something I want you to ponder. As a graduate of this program you’ll be in a unique position. You’ll most likely be the only person within miles that can say they’re certified in Catch Wrestling. Imagine that! What’s even better is when people email me for lessons in their area guess who I will recommend? That’s right. YOU! Now I’m not going to make any absurd promises that thousands of people in your area will search you out, but I will make you these promises:

  • As a graduate, I’ll refer all inquiries in your area to you if you choose.
  • I will make sure your pertinent information will be released to those inquiring so everyone will know who the TRUE coaches are (there are a lot of phonies that are claiming to have been taught/certified by me) and people will be able to go directly to you.
  • I will give the school owner discounts on all seminars if you choose to have me come in.

“Get free, unlimited training in Chicago at the World Headquarters”

How Often Do You Hear Yourself Saying: “I’d Love To Learn Catch Wrestling If I Only Had The Opportunity”

Well the opportunity is here now. But it won’t last forever. Take advantage and become one of the few who can say, “I’m a certified Catch Wrestler.”

Remember, you won’t be getting 2 half day privates. You’ll be receiving LIFETIME training. Try to put a price tag on that.
But don’t worry. You won’t be paying $10,00.00, although that’s a pittance to become certified in the most lethal, explosive, and incredible fighting system in existence.

Remember, your training partner can split the fee and receive the same benefits (except for the DVD’s). He’ll be free to call me, come for his private lessons, and also be certified.

Huge Problem!

I will not be keeping this program going for new enrollees much longer. I suspended enrollments in 2014 and will be doing that again very soon. I strongly urge you to act fast while the program is still open.

“The Benchmark”

“After seeing Tony Cecchine demonstrate the holds of Catch Wrestling, it’s hard to see anyone else’s performance in the same light.”


“From The Internet”

“While I am familiar with Leg Locks and have been taught numerous variations on the Achilles and heelhook by various instructors I have never seen the positions that Tony demonstrates. Tony’s body and leg positioning is such that he completely controls his opponent the whole time he is applying the leg lock, from entry to finish.”

Online Video Review

And It Comes with a LIFETIME Of Benefits. Find That Anywhere Else!!

Here is a sampling of some of the techniques you will be exposed to:

  • Arm bars: You’ll learn the most devastating array of bone crushing and tendon snapping hooks known to man. From every position, from every angle. You’ll learn to snap him from a handshake, from a punch, from a grab, from a grappling situation….literally from anywhere. And once he’s caught, you can take his arm out of the game….for at least 6 weeks. He’s done.
  • Leg locks: Bottom line, Catch Wrestling has the best leg locks ever devised. You’ll be devastatingly lethal with only high percentage moves that will make him completely helpless. He won’t be walking away from the encounter with you. That is a 100% guaranteed fact. From his toes to his thighs, the whole limb is in danger. He’ll find out…the hard way.
  • Neck Cranks: You will possess the knowledge and ability to fracture someone’s neck. These techniques are barred and non-existent in most grappling styles because of their severity. Catch Wrestling cranks are designed for one purpose only….total annihilation. There will be NO fight left in him once he tangles with you. Nail him front the feet or from the ground. It really makes no difference because once he entices you it brings upon his doom.
  • Spine Locks: One of the most devastating and unseen moves in existence. If more Chiropractors knew about Catch Wrestling they’d be sending me Christmas gifts every year. Spine locks can end a mans career and make his life miserable. You’ll learn how to cinch him up and make his life hell.
  • Chokes and Strangles: Learn the differences and learn how easy it is to put him into dreamsville. There’s a helluva lot more to do than just a rear naked choke. You’ll learn dozens of ways to put him “lights out”.. make him think a boa constrictor has wrapped up his neck. He won’t escape….only in his dreams.
  • Takedowns and their defenses: Forget all the fancy stuff. You’ll learn the only high percentage moves you’ll ever need. Slam him down and finish the fight.
    Gouging, ripping, tearing, clawing: True merciless maneuvers. I wrote the book on mean and you’ll see the extent I’ll go to to eliminate someone. You’ll learn all the insider information you’ll need to scar him for life.
  • Pins, Escapes, Punching, Defense, Weapons….it will all be covered. There simply won’t be an area left untouched. You will be one of the most dangerous men on Earth when I’m through with you.
  • Weight Training: I’ll make you as fighting strong as you can be. I’m a record setting strength athlete and I’ll share EVERYTHING I know about fitness with you. That’s my promise.
    Cardiovascular Training: You’ll be part of the most grueling, most respected fitness program known to man: The Lucky 13. I’ll help you conquer it and more!
  • Bodyguarding, Personal Protection, and Bouncing Insight: Learn the tactics that I have used for over 20 years. I’ll teach you all about the physical as well as mental attributes needed to be the leader…the go to guy…the shield…the guardian angel. You’ll develop so much confidence that it will literally change your life.
  • Psychology: You’ll learn what I know about dealing with pressure cooker situations. It’s more than positive thinking. It’s a rational approach to handling the tasks at hand and more. You’ll come away being cool under fire and clear thinking. This approach should be used in your everyday life as well. The principles will pay you dividends in all that you do.
  • Strikes. Train like a boxer and kickboxer. Punches, knees, headbutts, movement, slipping, blocking….you name it, you’ll learn it.
  • Truly So Much More

In 2006, Tony Cecchine was recognized by Black Belt Magazine as one of the 20 Greatest Street Fighters in the World.


Tony Cecchine has been involved with American Catch As Catch Can Wrestling (Catch Wrestling) since 1977.  The late, great Lou Thesz, considered by many as the greatest Catch Wrestler of all-time, dubbed Tony Cecchine a “hooker,” recognizing Tony’s submission and wrestling skills as the highest a Catch Wrestler could achieve. Tony has received praise from other luminaries such as Doug Blubaugh, Mark Schultz, and “Judo” Gene LeBell, to name a few — and

Tony began studying Catch Wrestling in his hometown of Cleveland when he was only 13 years old. Old-time strongman and wrestler Stanley Radwan spent five years teaching Tony the secrets of Catch Wrestling. Tony quickly learned the importance of conditioning and mastering the fundamentals of wrestling, body movement, leverage, and conditioning. In the years that followed, Tony learned the whole of Catch Wrestling’s brutally efficient arsenal: arm locks, chokes, neck cranks, leg locks, spine, hip, and muscle attacks, strikes, gouging, rips, and more. He didn’t learn from books or tapes; rather, he learned from a master and then was forced to put his training to the test on the streets of Cleveland and, later, Chicago.

For the nearly two decades that followed, Tony continued practicing his skills in real life situations, while teaching myriad stylists of different arts. He has had the opportunity to use his techniques while acting as bodyguard, bouncer,  and escort. No other self-proclaimed Catch Wrestler approaches Tony in either real world experience or in understanding of both the intricacies of hooking and its place in an overall integrated fighting system built on wrestling and boxing fundamentals.

His knowledge of street fighting, tactical skills, and combatives has led to significant praise from martial arts circles. More, he has continued his study of Catch Wrestling over the intervening decades, developing new and unique approaches to addressing modern day threats and scenarios. Tony has successfully used and taught his techniques to members of the police, armed forces, and other civil organizations. Tony has also trained countless men from styles such as BJJ, Boxing, Judo, Karate, Sambo, and amateur wrestling. He himself is  trained in amateur boxing and traditional martial arts and is an avid power lifter and coach. He is also an avid jazz musician and pool player.

Tony’s instructional DVDs have received rave reviews from some of the martial arts communities’ most well-respected members. He has trained both professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters and other professional athletes to go along with the regular Joes his training has transformed into elite fighters secure in their own abilities and thoroughly confident in their own skins. As one online reviewer said of Tony Cecchine and his art, “his philosophy is simple……submission, submission, submission.”


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