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Have You Ever Been Lost In A Crowd?

From: Tony Cecchine

Re: Everything Must Ultimately Become Second Nature To You

Hello My Friend,

With the advent of video-sharing sites such as YouTube, there are a plethora of people putting out videos on all sorts of subjects. It can become tremendously overwhelming for someone to sift through all of the technique videos that exist in the martial arts realm, let alone fitness videos and anything else related to fighting or getting in shape. The bottom line becomes not even a question of whether the videos themselves are valid, rather TMI….too much information. I see it in my line of work in training fighters constantly. Where they’ve been exposed to so many techniques, yet they don’t understand the underlying principles or tactics of application.

A simple truth is sometimes you need to put down your training gear and bring out a notepad and your thinking cap, and really let things absorb into your head. Communicating a point until it sinks in becomes an absolute necessity. Unlike physical training where you may be limited to being able to do it at specific times and places, you can train your brain nearly every waking moment of the day, regardless of your location.

Being Lost In A Crowd

So many times I will see or hear about students who want to constantly learn new techniques, completely ignoring the fact that they cannot even perform the techniques they have already been exposed to properly, with any sort of regularity. I read emails from people who frequently comment on somebody’s technique, or find the occasional person who seems to be on a quest to find each and every “ancient and lost” move as if it’s some holy grail. While I certainly laud anyone who has a hunger for knowledge, the fact is there is a huge difference between exposure and capability.

Mastery of the physical realm takes years of diligence and perseverance. You simply cannot gloss over the finer details of something and expect to become its master. And this is sometimes ignored by those who are in a rush to be exposed to new things at an alarming rate. It is often times best to work with what you currently have, and shore up slight imperfections and vulnerabilities.

When you have exposure to so many techniques, or are seemingly addicted to watching new stuff all the time, it becomes like being lost in a crowd. There’s a sea of things to seemingly choose from and soon you find yourself in the predicament of quantity over quality.

Words of Wisdom

Don’t fall into the hive mentality blindly. Lots of things that seem popular may not be the most effective or efficient means to and end. I will not say more right now, but believe me when I infer that things may not always be as they seem.

The Greatest Cook I Ever Knew

I’m going to be honest about something of a personal nature. My ex wife was simply the greatest cook I have ever met. She seemed to be able to make anything that either of us enjoyed to eat. We could go to a restaurant and try a new dish and she would be able to replicate it the next time she was in the kitchen and the mood came over her to try it.One key thing I noticed with her was that she was very judicious in the ingredients she would use. What I mean by that is she had a fountain of knowledge when it came to spices and herbs, yet she knew just which spices and herbs to add and also the proper amount. She fully understood what it took to make that particular dish a masterpiece. This is a very important concept, and one that I will come back to shortly.

Look What I Found

Have you ever went out to the store to buy something you needed for a project and eventually found that you already had what you needed but simply couldn’t find it? I know I have done that, and more than once. For me, it came down to a breakdown in organization. Well the same thing can happen in the fight game. You may already have what you need to get the job done. You may just need to be organized enough to be able to draw on what you need, when you need it.

I see this phenomena quite often in MMA matches where a fighter simply cannot “find” what he needs when he needs it. It’s not for a lack of training time in the gym, as many fighters put in tremendous amounts of gym time. Rather it’s the “not having the right game plan” situation, or even simply not focusing enough on the fundamentals to be able to deliver what it is they are trying to deliver. My goal is to eliminate those things from happening…for everyone.

Back To My Ex

This brings me back to my ex wife as an example. In the kitchen she had the exact game plan all the time. She relied on simple, basic ingredients and had the fundamentals of cooking science down to where it was an automatic reflex with her. The right ingredients for the right recipe. I see this missing in many martial artists at all levels. Trust me…at ALL levels. Well we’re going to change all of that.

From this mp4 series you’ll get to know me better and how I think related to combat, and you’ll gain great insights into what it takes to make sure YOU use the right ingredients, coupled with the correct fundamental “cooking science” to be able to “dish out” a recipe for disaster to anyone who dares try to match up against you, regardless of the scenario.

What’s Happening In This Series

Here’s the meat and potatoes of what’s going down. I break this series into 3 main mp4s (we’ll get to the bonus mp4s later), with each mp4 being nearly 60 minutes in length. Volume One discusses the proper physical training regimens that I feel are needed to reach the world class level. I break it down to telling you what I used to help get me to the maximum of my ability. I discuss not only weight training, but various conditioning type exercises as well, and warn you against making certain mistakes like all of us have made.

  • the most important type of conditioning for enhanced fighting ability
  • the specific weight groups I targeted when using progressive resistance training
  • how I overcame a genetic limitation and became a damn good athlete
  • the ‘whys” of what I did
  • and more

I want you guys and gals to feel like I’m sitting in your living room having a heart to heart with you. Get to know me and get to know why I feel so strongly about what it is I do.

In Volume Two I give you the sound scoop on what it takes to succeed in the sports environment as it relates to submission grappling and MMA. I focus on those two elements here as there is a genuine interest in those two groups and I see a tremendous need for a different approach to them from what the mainstream seems to be doing.  Some of the topics I discuss and suggest solutions to are:

  • the lack of fundamentals and how it is seriously restricting many combatants
  • changing your strategy and becoming far more efficient as a delivery mechanism
  • why playing follow the leader type of training will lead you to a dead end
  • the pitfalls of MMA applications
  • and again….more….

“Get Ready For Some Changes”

This Lecture Series release is just the first of many new things to come down the pike from me. I’m letting everyone know now to fasten your seat belts because in the words of “Fast Eddie” Felson in the Color of Money, “I’m Back”!

Tony Cecchine

Volume Three is devoted exclusively to street fighting, which most of you know is my bread and butter. My feelings on urban combat are very strong, and it’s in this avenue that I feel the martial arts world in general is letting the public down greatly. It may not be intentional. I feel it comes from a lack of any true real world experience on behalf of the instructors. That my friends, could potentially spell doom for you.
I tell it like it is and that comes from my personal experience, not some text book theoretical nonsense from someone who may never even had a broken finger nail, let alone having to face a life or death situation. I’m not even going to get into making a bullet point presentation here about Volume Three except to say you really need to watch it and let what I say sink in with you. I know real world violence and I know of no one in the martial arts world that has seen and been through what I have. And that is not a sales pitch. That is 100% factual. I’ve said many times I wish I hadn’t been exposed to all the real world violence that started when I was just in grade school, but I have to deal with it and it made me see things and see through others faulty logic.


headline5I did a Q&A in late 2015 that asked some personal and technical questions. I’ve been told it’s a good insight into things and I felt I would share it with all of you so you may glean some information from it. It’s nearly an hour long so there’s plenty of stuff to choose from. I am enclosing it on mp4 for your convenience.

I’ve decided to make this a rather large series in as much as I am including some bonuses and other things for your experience. Please read on.

I have decided to enclose the Foundations of Footwork mp4. The reason being I am continually shocked at how poor some fighter’s fundamentals are. They may be relying on their athleticism or what have you, but there is no excuse for sloppy basics. I am making it my mission to eliminate this from the martial arts world, and will be embarking on future series that will expose as well as eliminate this mess from everyone’s game, who will take the time to recognize, admit, and alter the holes in their learning.


So Let’s See A Synopsis

Ok. Here is what you are getting:

  • 3 mp4s of The Lecture Series
  • 3 Audio mp3s of The Lecture Series so you can listen and learn anywhere you are. Rip them to MP3’s and put them on your Android or Apple device
  • 1 mp4 of an insightful Q&A that will give you a better insight into who I am and how I developed
  • 1 mp4 of the Foundations of Footwork

The Lecture Series

I have my thinking cap on and my eyes and ears are ready.

  • I understand I am purchasing a lecture that is designed to help me better see the appropriate applications and strategies that are sometimes being overlooked
  • I will receive the Foundations of Footwork mp4 to enhance my movement and keep me rigidly focused on developing a solid fundamental base
  • I will also receive some special offers that have been created to help in my improvement as a fighter, either competitively, or to enhance my self defense
  • I will have the audio CDs to take with me and listen to until everything sinks in
  • In all, I will be receiving 5 mp4s, and 3 audio mp3s.

The Lecture Series

(Approx. 250 mins. of video and 150 mins. of audio)

PRICE: $97.00



Enjoy instant access to these videos and bonus by downloading the mp4 (and/or mp3 if appropriate) files immediately.

Please note: A download link will be emailed to you. You have 24 hours to download your product. 

(approx. download size 1.5GB total )

The Lecture Series

PRICE: $97.00


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I am very confident that you will learn great insights from this series. It will allow you to take your training with you as well as make you start thinking about things from a different perspective. I am also confident that you will get to know me better from a psychological standpoint and get a feel for how I think and analyze various situations. I certainly hope that you will also take advantage of the special offers I have enclosed as well.

Thanks for your continued support,