Develop yourself into a high powered, smooth moving machine.

Nothing surpasses mastery of the fundamentals in any sporting or athletic situation. Now is your chance to master the foundational building blocks essential for your success.

This two volume mp4 set is designed to help even the most experienced athlete improve the most important functions needed to be a great fighter….movement and delivery.

In the first volume, you will learn the importance of proper footwork from balance to movement. It will expose the differences in fighting from a striking mindset to a grappling mindset. Movement is such a key element and one that sadly, is most often overlooked by students more concerned with learning “techniques”. Developing yourself into a proper, efficient vehicle will not only enable to dictate the fight, but will frustrate the opponent and set up openings unlike you’ve done before.

Volume two discusses perhaps the most effective and important punch in a fighters’ arsenal, the jab. So much can be done off of establishing a great jab. Crosses, hooks, takedown/throw setups and so much more. You will learn the true scientific principles of the overlooked punch. Throwing a poor or lazy jab can get you into a world of trouble. Learn to master this punch and set yourself apart from the rest.

The Foundation Package    

(Approx. 110 min.)

Price: $57.00



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The Foundation Package

(approx. download size 255 MB)

PRICE: $57.00


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