Beyond the Lucky 13!

Thousands Now Get In The BEST SHAPE of Their Life Who Never Thought They Could. Now You Can Become One Of Them.

From: Tony Cecchine
RE: The Circuit Breaker.

Dear Fellow Fitness Enthusiast,

Beyond the Lucky 13….that’s all that needs to be said! The Lucky 13 is considered one of the finest and most grueling workout mp4 available anywhere in the world. The Circuit Breaker takes it a step further. This is circuit training at an intense level. And it picks up where The Lucky 13 left off.

An Incredible Fitness Athlete

Follow along as I put my top fitness student, World Squat Thrust Record Holder Paul “The Blade” Dodds through an incredibly grueling 55 minute workout destined to make even the most fit of the fit shake their head in amazement.

The material and routine displayed on this mp4 is so intense, it takes a world class fitness athlete to demonstrate it. Paul Dodds is the only person in the world who I have personally certified as a fitness instructor under my system. Yet let that not act as a deterrent to you, rather as motivation.

Become a Legend In The Making…

This fitness program is based on the theory of using a circuit. Where this varies from all other programs is that it builds off of the Lucky 13 and is nonstop intensity. Just like the Lucky 13, you can work out along with this mp4 at your own pace. Its exercises are meant to be done in sequence to reap the desired results.

Do I Need To Be In Great Shape?

The value of having great conditioning cannot be understated. Like Vince Lombardi said, “fatigue makes cowards of us all”. And he was exactly right. Great men have wilted because they ran out of gas in their tank. You cannot afford to have that happen to you be it in competition, or on the street. No matter what your current level of fitness is, my mp4s are designed for you to follow along AT YOUR OWN PACE. Pay close attention to the details, the application of form and technique. Actually study the video material before you embark on this fantastic program.

Be aware of these WARNING SIGNS:

Are You out Of Shape?

  • Difficulty in breathing and/or shortness of breath from doing mundane activities
  • Muscular weakness and pain sensitivity
  • Chronic fatigue, poor energy levels, lack of desire, low vitality
  • Frequent mood swings that aren’t hormonal related
  • Poor sleeping habits that cannot be attributed to psychological events
  • Chronic health problems

Those are some of the symptoms of being out of shape. of course, you should always be checked and diagnosed by a competent medical professional.

pauldodds“World Record Holder Paul Dodds Says”

“As a coach, in my opinion, Tony is the best I have seen in my 13 years of training martial arts and I can name many famous guys that I have trained with on seminars and private classes. He explains things clearly and concisely and motivates you to push yourself to your best abilities and beyond. Personally, I am now in the best shape of my life since starting the course.”

Paul Dodds, UK

Ask yourself this simple question: Do I feel I have reached my full potential, or can I honestly take it to another level?

Real customer feedback here’s what others are saying about my FITNESS Products


“Gained Strength”

“In this day and age of hype and exaggeration, Tony has shut up a lot of people. When I witnessed his curls on this tape I knew that this man knows what he’s talking about….in all arenas. It is astonishing the power he possesses and thankfully by applying his exercises, I have now added 35 pounds to my curl in 6 weeks.

Russ Walker


What’s so great about this mp4 is that I can actually do all of the exercises, albeit not even close to the level you’ll have us attain. These are functional and are a serious threat to that roll of fat around my middle. The plyometrics is what’s needed with me. I have to be pushed. This tape does that in spades.”

Ed Spezio

So if you’re ready to be a complete fitness beast, get a hold of this mp4 and let’s get started working towards that goal.


Bonus # 1:
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Bonus # 2:
The Lucky 13 Primer
An audio mp3 designed as a precursor to the Legendary Lucky 13 mp4. That’s a $19.95 value.

The Circuit Breaker

YES! I want to take my fitness to the highest rung.

  • I understand that I will get the 55 minute explosive Circuit Breaker mp4
  • I receive the audio CD, The Lucky 13 Primer
  • If I act fast, I will receive a FREE 1 hour fitness training session at Tony’s gym.
  • I can refund for any reason or no reason whatsoever within the next 30 days

The Circuit Breaker

(Approx. 55 min.)

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The Fitness Package

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This is it! An amazing workout that will catapult you to undreamed of levels. Enjoy the program and realize I’m always here for you to answer any questions.



P.S. As there’s only so many hours in the day, act fast to schedule your training session before I’m all booked up. Here’s to YOU and to embarking on a lifetime of glowing health.