You and ONLY YOU Should Dictate Whether The Fight Stays On The Feet or On The Ground!

You will Learn to CONTROL The Landscape Of ANY Fight

From: Tony Cecchine
Re: Taking charge of matters

Hello Friend,

It seems to me that so many people nowadays want to be well-rounded as fighters that they find they need to cut corners in order to do it. After all, there are only so many hours in the day and too few qualified instructors out there. While I applaud anyone who wants to learn, scavenging for knowledge without a proper plan to train and implement is not the most economical way of doing things. For me, it’s always about efficiency, time management, and being prepared. Above all, I don’t want to get caught off guard or taken out of my element. This is an important point for you to absorb.

The Theory of Recognition and Assessment 

So much of modern day martial arts stems from sport. Boxing, Thai Boxing, Wrestling, BJJ, Submission Grappling, MMA, etc. It’s all about rules and preparation and very little (if any) surprises. I don’t think I need to elaborate too much, but for a quick example, boxers needn’t worry about being taken down, wrestlers need not worry about getting hit, MMA fighters only need to focus on one man against him with no weapons, and so on. They’re not hit (so to speak) with something out of the ordinary. It’s pretty cut and dry at its core level.

Now what happens in a real world scenario or in a situation where you simply cannot (or should not) do what your adversary wants to implement? What happens when you simply and absolutely cannot be taken or knocked to the ground? Can you honestly answer this one question I have for you?

Can I repeatedly and with an extremely high success percentage, keep the fight on my feet?

Look at this deeply. Can the world’s greatest boxer always keep a wrestler at bay? Can a wrestler stop a striker from knocking him down, or stop a better wrestler from scoring the takedown? Can you in a streetfight where it matters most, prevent an attacker from grounding you and putting you in great jeopardy?

Well if you answered no, then let me explain something to you right now. You CAN have an extremely high percentage of success if you follow certain rules and guidelines. These rules aren’t instigated by a referee or governing body. These rules are simply physics and the laws of mechanics at play. In simple terms, it’s science.

Extreme Dangers

Be it in a sporting event where you are up against a very strong and superior groundfighter, or in a street scenario where going down may cause you grave injury or death, being taken out of your element is never a pleasant experience. The thing is, it can be rectified. Sure it takes work. Hard work. Nothing in the physical realm that we live in can be considered easy. But what you need are the shortcuts, the exposure to the core or root of the problem. You need the answers laid out succinctly and coherently. Then, you need to train until it becomes second nature.

“The Dynamic Duo”

“Tony and Bruce make a helluva combo. Where Tony is so hyper and aggressive, Bruce is laid back and a smooth operator. These two guys are something else. It’s great to watch the interplay and even greater to pick up these wonderful ideas and techniques. I was especially impressed at how Tony moves on the ground. I have not seen anyone move like that. What’s even more impressive is that just months before this, Tony was not even able to walk. It’s a testimony to his grit, determination and strength. It’s also a testimony to his art that he teaches. He lives Catch Wrestling while all of us just try to practice it.”

Ben Mulligan

Something That Happened To Me

When I was younger, I was involved in a lot of street encounters. I’m not going to share my life story here (but it’s coming out sooner rather than later) suffice to say that in most every instance of self defense, I DID NOT want to go to the ground. It’s beyond the scope of this writing to get into each and every detail, but I can tell you that what saved my rear end was the ability to keep the fight on my feet or in the rare instances that I needed to hit flattened earth, I was able to take the fight there as well. Simply put, I may not have started the fight, but once it was on I CONTROLLED the event. You have no idea how important that is.

In many ways I am unique, or at least in a very small percentage of people who have a thorough understanding of both the sporting world and the reality based world as it all relates to fighting/combat. In other words, “I get it” where others who don’t walk both sides of the street simply cannot understand. That’s why I know how simply important playing by YOUR rules can be.

Solutions To Your Problems

On this 2 mp4 series, Bruce H. Lee (of LAOH fame) and I conduct a class on how to keep things going your way. It isn’t smoke and mirrors, it’s principles of mechanical movement. It’s also essential information that you must have, especially now in order to be completely effective as a fighter. It’s more than being well rounded. It’s about being well abled.

We can give you solutions to the matters at hand. It’s contained in this mp4 series. It’s explained and demonstrated and what’s more, it’s concise. In this landmark set, both Bruce and I show you MANY fine details and NEVER BEFORE SEEN DRILLS to make you as lethal standing as you can be on the ground. I am extremely proud of this set, as it reveals the complexity and comprehensiveness of what I know and teach. We are here on this series to guide you from the ground floor to help you develop a sound foundation to build upon. Even the most seasoned of athletes will learn astonishing ways to drill and improve.

So let’s talk shop here. If you can’t control where the fight ends up, you are putting your future in someone else’s hands. If it’s a sporting arena, you’re putting your career in his hands. If it’s the streets you’re putting your life in his hands. That needs to change…PRONTO!

Here’s some stuff you’re going to see and learn on these mp4s:

  • Stance and movement. Keys to moving like a panther. Be light, quick, and prepared
  • Improve your quickness dramatically with specially designed drills for enhancement
  • Learn to “see without seeing.” Blind wrestling drills to heighten your sensitivity
  • Win the tie-up every time! Pummeling and its effectiveness revealed
  • Think takedowns are easy? Learn the proper way to do a shot and improve your takedowns 100% by applying our principles.
  • Make your takedown defense turn you into a brick wall. Don’t let them get you down.
  • We’ll show you what a sprawl is and isn’t. There’s more to defeating a takedown or tackle than just a sprawl.
  • Think takedowns are easy? Learn the proper way to do a shot and improve your takedowns 100% by applying our principles.
  • Make your takedown defense turn you into a brick wall. Don’t let them get you down.
  • We’ll show you what a sprawl is and isn’t. There’s more to defeating a takedown or tackle than just a sprawl.

Let This Sink In!!

Controlling your landscape is essential in becoming a complete fighter. Frankly, going to the ground is not always the sensible thing to do. Don’t be limited or confident in just one area of your game.

If you’re a striker, this series is critical for you. It will show you how to keep the skills you’ve spent years developing, by allowing you to decide when and where the altitude of the confrontation transpires. This series delves beyond wrestling. In it we show:

  • The secret to slipping punches. It makes no sense to lunge or back peddle. learn to slip and be in position to charge your opponent with strikes or takedowns
  • Catching punches. No it’s not a mystical Kung-Fu theatre trick. It can turn you into a fearsome adversary with an iron-clad defense
  • Circular and diagonal footwork drills that develop instincts of defense. Learn to always be prepared no matter what your angulation may be
  • Specific sensitivity training. Learn to broaden your focus and awareness with one simple drill

“Nice Stuff”

” I was fortunate enough to watch a preview of this series. I must admit that I was amazed at the subtleties and details that it covers. It goes beyond “just wrestling.” Tony’s secret to slipping and catching punches was eye-opening to me. I have a kickboxing background and have worked some with boxers, yet I have never seen the slip and catch explained so openly and soundly. It never leaves you out of place or off balance.

The way Bruce demonstrates his front headlock is simply superb. This single takedown is one of the most effective you can use on the street. It’s low risk and as Bruce explains, it’s a great “heavyweight” takedown. He doesn’t just leave you at that however. He shows how to control the man on the ground to get into a position to use your grappling or striking knowledge.

The section on back arch exercises was great as well. Now I can see first hand how the wrestlers develop this skill.

The footwork section was just so sound. It explains all the needed basics and Tony puts his twists on it as well. I can go on and on about it, but the reviews will be coming in shortly I am sure. Great job Bruce and Tony!


Bobby Amato

The Secret Is Out

There’s really only one right way to develop true technique. That is to learn inside and out, body mechanics FROM YOUR FEET FIRST. We are bipeds. Walking is one of the first skills we learn. Deprogram yourself from thinking on in the horizontal. When you learn to control yourself first, then controlling your opponent becomes easy. That cannot be truly accomplished unless you develop well-rounded technique.

This is a two mp4 set that covers nearly two full hours of drills, exercises, techniques, and insight that will elevate your level regardless of your current status. Techniques alone are only a part of the puzzle. You need specific drills to enhance and augment those techniques. That’s why I’m confident you will be pleased with our latest effort. I know I am very proud of this set and the work that Bruce and I have put in to share with you all our experiences.

In addition to the above, you will learn these key elements….plus a few surprises:

  • Inside position and why it is the most critical part of “in-wrestling”
  • Shot structure. The key to scoring the takedown is in the proper development and employment of your shot. Break it down in fine detail
  • Student drills. Watch as I guide my students in their drills and make the needed corrections where applicable. No one is flawless or is expected to be
  • Bruce’s vast collegiate wrestling and coaching experience, coupled with my street and reality experience help launch this first in a continuing series by showing things others may leave out or just plain not be aware of. Blend sport and reality like never before

Plus much more !!!

headline5Here’s what I’m going to do. If you’re among the first 20 people to purchase this mp4 series, I’m going to give you a 60 minute private lesson FREE of charge the next time you’re around Chicago. You’ll come to the World Headquarters of American Catch Wrestling and I’ll walk you through some great stuff. That’s a $100.00 value.

This is a foundational learning product. The drills, tactics, and techniques are essential for everyone. You cannot afford to miss out on this series. I’m sure you will enjoy this set as much as we did filming it. Let’s get a jump on getting you better.

Taking It To The Feet

YES! I want these exact strategies and techniques to make me a better fighter.

  • I understand the importance of learning to control the landscape. I want to learn all I can to improve my abilities
  • I will receive a free 1 hour lesson at Tony’s gym if I’m among the first 20 people to take this offer
  • I can refund for any reason or no reason whatsoever within the next 30 days

Taking It To The Feet

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Taking It To The Feet

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