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Re: An Inside Look at Things

Hello Friend,

When you’re involved with something for many years, you’re bound to gain a ton of knowledge and insight. That’s only common sense. Now when you start hanging around and associating with other folks who have a lot of experience and you start sharing, well…you can only imagine what stuff will come out. Think about two vastly experienced athletes. One is a collegiate wrestler. The other a boxer and Catch Wrestler. Now imagine them just relaxing after a workout and deciding to just “talk shop.” Well that’s exactly what happened here.

If you want to watch as two guys pick each other’s brain, then this is the mp4 for you!

You’ll get two for the price of one as Bruce H. Lee and I team up to share some of our best kept secrets. That’s a combined half century plus of REAL experience and REAL know-how all geared to make you an ANIMAL.

When we were all done shooting The Routine, we decided to stay around the Tool and Die Shop for a while longer, and as they say, good things happen when you least expect it!

“A Smooth Operator”

“Tony and Bruce make a helluva combo. Where Tony is so hyper and aggressive, Bruce is laid back and a smooth operator. These two guys are something else. It’s great to watch the interplay and even greater to pick up these wonderful ideas and techniques. I was especially impressed at how Tony moves on the ground. I have not seen anyone move like that. What’s even more impressive is that just months before this, Tony was not even able to walk. It’s a testimony to his grit, determination and strength. It’s also a testimony to his art that he teaches. He lives Catch Wrestling while all of us just try to practice it.”

Ben Mulligan

Bruce is really one helluva guy. He is tremendously knowledgeable and easy going. He is also very analytical and sees flaws and solutions as fast as a cheetah. It’s always great when he starts talking and showing wrestling. He’s a coach’s coach that’s for sure.

He is also one of my top students of Catch-As-Catch-Can and a man with now over 30 years experience as an amateur wrestler. So I wanted him to take center stage to deliver the goods. And boy, did he deliver!

The Importance Of “Outside” Knowledge

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in things that we get tunnel vision. We can actually start to miss things that we certainly never should. That’s why it’s always good to have a balance. To have someone or something to show you things in a different light, or perhaps from a different perspective. Bruce is my balance many times. And never is it more evident than here.

Fast Fact:

Bruce and I actually met on the internet. That’s back in the mid 1990’s. I really had no idea about the internet and its workings at that time. I read some of Bruce’s posts on an internet forum and couldn’t believe how knowledgeable he was. When I found out he lived in the Chicago area I just had to meet him. So we got in touch and the rest is, as they say, history!

He starts out with what I call the “Bruce Special,” one of the best escapes from the cross-side position I’ve ever seen in my over 30 years on the mat. He even shows exactly how to transition directly into the deadly top wristlock while you’re pulling the escape off. Bruce breaks it all down in incredible detail, and then shows you how to pull the move when someone is trying to top wristlock YOU!

Perspective…it’s all about perspective. Sometimes it takes someone else to make you see things differently. Bruce tends to be classically trained, yet thinks outside the box. It’s a wonderful thing watching him do his thing. Here’s some other stuff he does, as well as some stuff I do on the mp4:

  • What Bruce likes to call the laziest submission hold. Tap your opponent with almost no effort in a way he NEVER saw coming!
  • The proper way to hone your wrestling stance for superior efficiency and effectiveness. Most grapplers today do it wrong. This will show you the RIGHT way.
  • Bruce’s tricks for head control and domination on the feet.
  • The correct way to work your underhooks and how to throw a man around from this position.
  • The vital importance of hip angles in wrestling. This is stuff that no other grappling video teaches, but is pivotal to having an effective standup game.
  • Watch as I demonstrate foot positioning secrets of boxing and wrestling and how they carry over from one art to the other.
  • How I use an arm drag from the bottom position to get into absolutely brutal toeholds and neck cranks.
  • The Frank Gotch inside toehold: break him or pin him, it’s your choice!
  • The step-over toehold submission of Catch Wrestling.
    Plus Much More!

There’s so much more to Catch Wrestling than what is shown on the Lost Art Of Hooking Series. This little gem of a mp4 touches on some of the other things available to all of you. What’s so great about this product is that Bruce and I interact and share our combined knowledge in an informal yet highly instructional setting. It was just “the guys being the guys” kind of thing.

Knowledge is the key:

I’m an information freak. I can never learn enough about subjects that interest me. Be it music, sports, science…you name it. If it interests me I will learn all I can about it. That’s why Bruce H. Lee is so crucial. He brings his wealth of knowledge to this mp4 and shows things from his perspective. What’s so fascinating is that we tend to bounce ideas off of each other and meld in such a manner that great things happen. This is a shining example of that.

“A Goldmine”

“This is one of those quiet little goldmines that exists. I was really pleasantly surprised at how well both of you guys worked together on video. The techniques are in a class by themselves. I’ve viewed other collaboration tapes and it seemed more like a macho contest with the viewers missing out on the finer details. You guys cover everything from proper hand placement to even where to put your foot. That kind of detail can only come from very knowledgeable people. You guys are at the top of the list.”

Tony Mills

I know you’re going to thoroughly enjoy this learning experience. It’s timeless that’s for sure.


headline5I’m going to throw in my 2 CD Audio set, Wristful Thinking, that clearly explains one of Catch Wrestling’s most effective submissions. It will work very beneficially for you to add it to the arsenal of techniques. This is $30.00 value.

How can you lose when you’re getting Bruce and me (and the CD set makes three)? Place your order now and let’s get started!

Taking It Lightly

YES! I want learn the secrets on this mp4 .

  • I can’t wait to receive the “Lightly” mp4 as well as the free bonus of the Wristful Thinking mp3-Audio Set
  • I will be prepared to learn some great techniques that only a few people have a clue about
  • I can refund for any reason or no reason whatsoever within the next 30 days

Taking It Lightly

(Approx. 35 min.)

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Taking It Lightly

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