You Should Ask Yourself This Simple Question:

Do You Want To Learn The Best Fighting Techniques Each And Every Month?


From: Tony Cecchine
Re: A new community for learning and sharing


Hello Friend,

If you’re anything like me, you listen just as much as you talk. Lots of people from all over the world have come to me for advice for many years. And in those years I also have gone to people for advice. Advice on a myriad of topics. I have no problem listening to other people’s advice or opinions. Sometimes I accept them, other times I ponder them, still other times I dismiss them. One thing is for sure, you know the old saying, “Opinions are like….everybody’s got one”. Well what I’m leading up to is that quite a lot of people have given me their opinion on something they wanted me to do to help them and others.tony2

Being on the Internet is not my favorite thing to do. It can be extremely time-consuming. Plus you have to deal with the seemingly never ending trolls and idiots. But the Internet is a terrific way to stay in touch with people from all over the world, which in my business is a necessity. And it’s because of some of these people who want to stay in touch with me more regularly, and they want to augment their knowledge, that they approached me about starting a membership site that deals strictly with the finest fighting techniques and tactics, as well as all the other pertinent subjects such as strength, fitness, mental health, etc.

I gave it some thought and agreed that it was a terrific idea. But I wasn’t sure that I had the technical know-how or time to launch an exclusive membership site. A site that is far more than just an Internet forum which I have done several times in the past. No, this was to be much more than that. The idea that was in my head was to make it the finest fight oriented training site on the World Wide Web.

So I had to ask myself a serious question. Would I be willing to do this? Would I be willing to put in all the time and effort needed? So after some serious consideration, I said I’m all in.

You know, not to blow my own horn, but I have a lot of knowledge. I have a lot of experience. And unlike the video instructional series that I have filmed so many of through the years that are frozen in time, this membership site is dynamic. It can change from day-to-day. It would be an outlet for me to share my knowledge consistently and interactively. And for me that was the lure of all of this. To me, it sounded very exciting.


What Type Of Person Is This For?

It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, knowledge is knowledge. The beautiful thing about this membership site is that it gives you and me an opportunity to deal with your specific issues more so than a prepackaged DVD. If you’re into grappling as a sport, MMA, boxing, streetfighting, or health and fitness, I think I could be of a great help to you.

Before I go on more, let me ask you some questions. They are all yes or no types:

  • Do you feel totally confident that you can protect yourself and your loved ones?
  • Do you feel that you’re the type that has 15 seconds in the tank before you’re completely gassed out?
  • Are you sure…absolutely sure, that you have the answers to the the other guy, be he a competitor or an assailant?
  • Would you honestly be willing to die for a loved one?


Problems Solved Here 

Through my Tri-C Program and other consultations that I give, I have to deal with a variety of people and personalities. Some of my students I trained for all levels of competition. I have to come up with answers and I have to do it from a distance. I have to come up with routines and strategies for them to beat their competition. I have to motivate them to train and I have to make constant adjustments when they’re training may be going astray. Many of you know that I have trained many champions. Of that I am extremely proud. They are all great men and women. And they won their championships via a combination of my skill and knowledge as a coach, and their tremendous will and determination to win. That makes for a terrific combination.



Wrestling is arguably the world’s oldest sport. Some say it’s track and field (specifically running). Be that as it may, wrestling is the oldest combat sport that we are aware of.


I also have to deal with people who are in a position to protect themselves and others. I’m talking law enforcement, military, and other people whose lives may be in jeopardy from no fault of their own. I take this responsibility seriously. They may not have the time or the ability or even the desire to be a champion athlete. They may have wives and children to take care of. And they come to me to help them get where they want to be, efficiently and timely.


My Promise 

For students who are dedicated, I give it my all. I cannot help anyone who doesn’t want to help themselves. That holds true for all of us in this world. They say you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. Hey I am a city guy. For me it’s, “we can drive our car to the gas station but can we afford to fill it up?” Well here’s what I can do. When you join this membership site I want to put all the gas in your tank that it will hold. I and others will be here in a community design for one thing; to make you as fine a fighter as you can be and to make your goals a reality. But I cannot help you if you do not come to me.



“Since I have been studying Tony’s Catch Wrestling, I can truthfully and clearly understand the art of submission. As you know, I am willing to lay it on the line against anyone, and Tony’s catch techniques will make ’em scream!!!” SHONIE “MR. INTERNATIONAL” CARTER, 4x UFC Veteran, King of Pancrase, Extreme Fighting, King of the Cage, Shidokan Champion, U.S. World Team.


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I cannot even begin to tell you how cost-effective the memberships are. I don’t know about other people, but I charge $100 an hour for private lessons. Even if you came to me for one lesson a week, that’s $400 a month. Now contrast that with these memberships. And the beautiful thing is you can access these lessons 24 hours a day, seven days a week.



Remember the questions I asked you earlier? Since you’re on the Internet you must be aware of the increase in crazed violence that is spreading around the country and the world. And you have to ask yourself one more question. Have I done everything possible to ensure my safety? There’s not too many good Samaritans left that you can count on to bail you out. You should only count on you. A guy like me can’t be with you physically when trouble goes down. But I can guarantee you that you can take my knowledge and carry it with you now and for the rest your life.


It’s So Simple

“It’s so simple that you just sit in amazement and wonder why no one else teaches this. I literally held a man’s arm in the shoulder lock position with two fingers.”

Matt S.


How To Look At It

Don’t think of this as merely joining a forum or a website. Look at this as an online university where you are going to earn your degree in human destruction. Look at this as a place where you are going to gain unmatched knowledge. And you can do this from the convenience of your home, work, or gym. And this is not a crash course. This opportunity is open-ended and limitless. For if you follow my instructions to the tee, you will not recognize yourself in the coming months. And you will gain confidence, insight, ability, and more.


Leg Locks

“Leg locks are becoming more and more popular and effective in MMA style competition and I have absolutely no doubt that Tony Cecchine’s insights into this area will help your game. These techniques work.”

Submission Fighting U.K. review of Tony’s Leg Lock Instructional Tape


Being able to defend yourself, especially in today’s climate, should be of the utmost importance to you. I know it is to me. Come in and stay awhile with others who value this skill, and join combat athletes to gain invaluable insight into how serious fighters train and think.


bonusHere’s and extra little motivator to get you started. For a guarantee-seallimited time I am giving either a 10% or 15% discount (depending on your plan) off of my products if you join now. That’s a great deal if you ask me. So act now and take advantage of the deal and the knowledge waiting to be yours.


So in a nutshell, you’re getting your choice of a FREE or advanced membership level as well as your choice of a monthly payment or yearly discounted payment option. Either way, you’re getting a 10% or 15% discount on my DVDs as long as you’re a paid member. Plus, the satisfaction of knowing you’re learning cutting edge techniques that won’t just last you a lifetime, they’ll keep you SAFE for the rest of your life. And for you competitors, it’ll keep you winning!


Listen, one more thing. Like I mentioned, the membership area is dynamic. It will grow and develop. If you want to be with other like-minded people or you can train an incredibly serious and private setting, this is the place for you. I’m going to give you my best.

I’ll see you on the membership side,