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From: Tony Cecchine
Re: Show Holds that will simply not work against skilled people

Hello Friend,

Pro wrestling ALWAYS had a dubious reputation. To most knowledgeable people through the years when you mention pro wrestling, their response usually is, “FAKE!” And they would be correct. Pro wrestling has been fake since basically its inception. That doesn’t mean there weren’t some skilled participants. Olympic gold, silver, and bronze medalists in wrestling have been among its ranks. So have national and international champions. However that doesn’t change one simple fact. The wrestling “holds” (meaning the submission, punishing holds) have been as phony as a 3 dollar bill. They were practiced and applied to be theatrical in nature. To play to the crowd. To put on a “show”.

The true nature of submission holds or “hooks” were designed to cripple and in some instances, kill a person. They were designed centuries ago and used throughout millennium to defend and protect. But what you see from some of these pro wrestlers are NOT those holds. Sure, they make look similar. They may even hurt if you let someone put them on you. Just like a punch may hurt you, there is a HUGE difference between getting hit by someone untrained and a champion boxer. Same holds true for hooks. It’s one thing to have a phony wrestler slap on one of his holds, but it is TRULY a whole other level of hurt and destruction to have a legitimate hook applied to you.

This DVD Series Injured Some “Famous” People 

This DVD series of mine certainly made ripples. It crushed some “legends” reputations as they were exposed as phonies (much like the physic exposes). It wasn’t my intent to tarnish anyone. It was only my intent to inform the public that these people either knowingly or unknowingly, were duping you. In that regard I hit a homerun.

Just how ridiculous are these guys?

Let me put it to you this way. Some of the holds they do are so simple to get out of, YOU DON’T NEED TO PRACTICE THE COUNTERS. That’s right! Just by watching me show you how to thwart their crap, you can instantly get out of what they’re doing. It’s unbelievable.

My coach taught me when I was a young teenager, to see the difference between a working hold and the real deal. There are “tells” that are involved in doing the fake stuff. Sad thing is, it is so ingrained in some pro wrestlers that they do not even realize after a while that what they are doing isn’t optimal. They are really no different than some martial artists who in a group setting, their techniques work fabulously, but in a “real” setting it falls flat on its butt.

“The Finest”

“Tony’s videos are simply the finest available on the market today. His attention to detail, coupled with the techniques themselves make everything he does a breakthrough. I’ve never seen anyone so concerned with controlling the body. He explains not only how to do, but why to do something.”

Joe Raffin

I’ve been more than blessed to have been taught by an amazing man. A man so strong and so knowledge. So tough and so thorough. He learned the old way. The way to cripple. The way to be known as one of the toughest and deadliest men to walk the earth. He never needed to live off of manufactured hype like others did. He was the REAL DEAL. He taught me, through my blood, sweat, and tears, to not respect what the clowns were doing. He taught me to walk in a separate circle, confident in my abilities. He taught me to recognize and admire the few men who actually were in on the nearly lost knowledge of REAL Catch Wrestling. And he instilled in me the responsibility to NOT succumb to the ridiculousness that others had been involved in.

Fast Fact:

Even as far back as Greek Pankration, matches were often “fixed” to enable certain gamblers to profit and win by placing their bets already knowing the outcome by having a wrestler be on their “employ”.

What Can I Expect?

This 3 DVD Series is designed not only to expose you to these less than honest holds, I also show you the correct way to apply them. I also spend an entire DVD on special “submission resistance” exercises designed to make you far more resilient to real submission holds than you that was possible. It is a One-of-a-Kind DVD to say the least.

  • The Legendary Top Wristlock (Americana)
  • The Brutal Double Wristlock (Kimura)
  • The Nelson Series including:
  • The Punishing Full Nelson
  • The Achilles lock
  • The Heel Hook
  • and even more.

I break down and analyze these holds and others for you. I give you this information:

  • Why they won’t work
  • Show you their easy counters
  • Offer corrections
  • Teach you to turn these show holds into effective hooks and concession holds.

“Eye Opening”

“Tony, you really opened my eyes with this series. I read a lot of stuff on the internet and sometimes it’s hard to know what to believe. In your case, seeing truly is believing. You proved to me that others are simply not doing things the proper way. Thanks so much for this information”.

Billy O’Hearn

Now remember, I’m a tough guy. But I also have had my share of injuries. One thing is, you cannot afford an injury in competition or on the street. If so, it could cost you a bundle. That’s why I have decided to share with you my knowledge on how to create a body of armor to protect yourself from submission injuries. In all of my adult life (since I was 16 actually) I have never been submitted despite hundreds (if not more) of guys trying to submit me. One of the reasons why is that my body is strong and trained to absorb whatever it is you are trying to shell out. I am sharing SOME of my secrets with you here.

  • Strengthening the achilles
  • Toughening up the ankles
  • Dealing with the knee in heel hook scenarios
  • Creating a tree trunk strength neck
  • Arm tendon strength
  • and more

Here’s the deal. You CAN’T get this information anywhere else, unless someone stole it from me.

Let’s Make Something Clear Here

It’s not just  Catch Wrestling “masters” that are teaching this crap. It happens in BJJ, Judo, and other styles as well. Like I have mentioned, they may not be doing this intentionally. Some of them may simply not know any better. It really doesn’t matter. The point is you need to avoid training like that pure and simple.


headline5Here’s a bonus offer that I am ONLY giving to people that buy this series. And because I simply won’t have the time to do this for too many folks, I am strictly limiting this offer to the first 10 people. The deal is this. I will give you a free 1 hour lesson on the material covered here at my gym whenever you are in town. Not only that though, but we will FILM the session and parts of that session will be used in a sequel to this series. This way you’ll get to appear on a future release along with some others that take advantage of this offer. You can’t put a price tag on that!

So let’s get the ball rolling. Place your order and I’ll get it mailed out to you right away. This will open your eyes to say the least.

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I look forward to helping you in your continuing education on the fistic and grappling arts. It is my pleasure to get to know you.


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