Have You Ever Wished For a Truly WORLD CLASS Training Experience?

Now YOU Can Receive WORLD CLASS TRAINING In The Chicago Area

From: Tony Cecchine

Re: Personal Training

If you are in the local Chicagoland area and like to learn self-defense, amateur or professional fighting, fitness or strength training all in a private setting under world-class instruction, I am available for personal sessions.

I have a plethora of training opportunities ranging from basic introductory lessons, to the most advanced training available. Whether it’s fitness, self defense, an amateur or professional competitive career, strength enhancement, or anything in between, I can structure a regimen specifically for your needs. Here is but a small sampling of some of the people/areas I have worked with:

  • Trainer of fighters in the UFC
  • Trainer of the World Pankration Champion
  • Trainer of Pancrase fighters
  • Trainer of the National IFC Champion
  • Trainer of numerous NAGA state champions
  • Trainer of Arnold Classic champions
  • Trainer of Destiny MMA Hawaii State Heavyweight MMA Champion
  • Trainer of state and national bench press/powerlifting champions
  • Trainer of fitness triple world record holder
  • Trainer of various Law Enforcement Agents throughout the USA and Europe
  • Trainer of elite military soldiers (USA and Worldwide)
  • Trainer of USA Powerlifting multiple bench press champion

“Life Changing”

Brian Klaus“My name is Brian Klaus. I am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with a background in powerlifting and wrestling. In 2005 I won the AAPF National Powerlifting Championships, setting three World Records in the process. However, while trying to exceed my World Record Squat in training, I completely ruptured the ACL in my right knee.

While in rehab I began looking for a way to maintain my strength while achieving a more complete level of fitness than what I had while powerlifting. A friend of mine had purchased several of Tony Cecchine’s DVD’s including the “Lost Art of Hooking”, and the “Lucky 13”. I began utilizing the information on the videos and eventually enrolled in Tony’s Catch Wrestling Certification Course. Training with Tony has really changed my life, I’ve seen my technique, conditioning, and agility increase every week, and I’m only getting started.

For anyone looking for the finest instruction in martial arts, wrestling, and self-defense, or if you’re interested in being in the best shape of your life, you can find no better source than Tony Cecchine.”


Brian Klaus MS, CSCS

2005 AAPF National Powerlifting Champion

AWPC Powerlifting World Record Holder

You’d be hard pressed to find a more thorough and complete trainer that has produced a stable of champions throughout the years, anywhere in the world. But even if your goals are a bit less lofty, there’s no substitute for quality instruction. I will be here for all of your training needs.

Shonie Carter“The Art of Submission”

“Since I have been studying Tony’s Catch Wrestling, I can truthfully and clearly understand the art of submission. As you know, I am willing to lay it on the line against anyone, and Tony’s catch techniques will make ’em scream!!!”

SHONIE “MR. INTERNATIONAL” CARTER, 4x UFC Veteran, King of Pancrase, Extreme Fighting, King of the Cage, Shidokan Champion, U.S. World Team.

Schedule your appointment today and radically change your fighting/fitness life.

Private, Personal Training

YES! I want these exact strategies to boost my business.

  • I will learn in the privacy of a one-on-one (or bring a training partner at NO additional cost) environment, having expert instruction
  • I will receive personalized attention.
  • I can expect to see results very quickly


Price: $75.00


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This is designed specifically for those of you who are living quite a distance from Chicago. As you may know, I have trained people from literally all over the world. Now you can get the personal training you need to become a ferocious fighter. All training is done here in Chicago. As a matter of fact, you’ll be staying at my house for either 3 or 5 days and we will make the most of your time by designing a training program based on your current skill level. Think of it as a mini bootcamp. You’ll do conditioning work, roadwork, as well as gym work. Further, you’ll also have classroom type time to get your brain working as hard as your body.

3/5 Day Training Intensive

3/5 Day Training Intensive

You either fly or drive in. If you fly in, I will pick you up at the airport and do all the driving. There’s no need for a rental car or a motel room. It’s all covered.

I pioneered this type of training in the MMA/Catch Wrestling arena and because of its in depth and time consuming nature, I can only accept a few people a year. So if you’re interested, please act fast.

Please email us for more information, and to reserve and schedule/book your time slot for the custom 3 or 5 day training intensives in Chicago.

Take advantage of this special training offer before it’s too late. I am STRICTLY limiting this offer for the 2022 calendar year to 3 trainees for the 3 day intensive and 3 trainees for the 5 day intensive. Once those spots are filled, the program will once again be closed for the year. So sign up now for 2022 training.

Training Intensives

3 Day Training (including lodging)

Price: $997.00


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5 Day Training (including lodging)

Price: $1497.00


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Don’t waste another minute. Get started taking your life where you want it to be. I’m here for you.

Best Regards,


P.S. I’m not a “clock watcher”. Many times I give a bit extra time to assist you free of charge. My goal is not to land a client, but to help you meet your fitness and/or fighting goals.