This is what you have been asking for:

A 12 month program designed to make you reach Level 1 certification in Tony Cecchine’s American Catch Wrestling.

Limited to 4 people for this very special training program. Once all spots are filled the program will close.


Deadline for enrollment is: February 22, 2019

Program start date: March 10, 2019


1) Once a month, 3-4 hour seminar with your classmates. There will be 11 months of seminars and the 12th month will be testing and graduation.

2) Weekly Skype video consultation to ensure your progress.

3) Direct, personalized instruction in my private training facility.


Here is a sampling of some of the techniques you will be exposed to:

  • Arm bars: You’ll learn the most devastating array of bone crushing and tendon snapping hooks known to man. From every position, from every angle. You’ll learn to snap him from a handshake, from a punch, from a grab, from a grappling situation….literally from anywhere. And once he’s caught, you can take his arm out of the game….for at least 6 weeks. He’s done.
  • Leg locks: Bottom line, Catch Wrestling has the best leg locks ever devised. You’ll be devastatingly lethal with only high percentage moves that will make him completely helpless. He won’t be walking away from the encounter with you. That is a 100% guaranteed fact. From his toes to his thighs, the whole limb is in danger. He’ll find out…the hard way.
  • Neck Cranks: You will possess the knowledge and ability to fracture someone’s neck. These techniques are barred and non-existent in most grappling styles because of their severity. Catch Wrestling cranks are designed for one purpose only….total annihilation. There will be NO fight left in him once he tangles with you. Nail him front the feet or from the ground. It really makes no difference because once he entices you it brings upon his doom.
  • Spine Locks: One of the most devastating and unseen moves in existence. If more Chiropractors knew about Catch Wrestling they’d be sending me Christmas gifts every year. Spine locks can end a mans career and make his life miserable. You’ll learn how to cinch him up and make his life hell.
  • Chokes and Strangles: Learn the differences and learn how easy it is to put him into dreamsville. There’s a helluva lot more to do than just a rear naked choke. You’ll learn dozens of ways to put him “lights out”.. make him think a boa constrictor has wrapped up his neck. He won’t escape….only in his dreams.
  • Takedowns and their defenses: Forget all the fancy stuff. You’ll learn the only high percentage moves you’ll ever need. Slam him down and finish the fight.
  • Gouging, ripping, tearing, clawing: True merciless maneuvers. I wrote the book on mean and you’ll see the extent I’ll go to to eliminate someone. You’ll learn all the insider information you’ll need to scar him for life.
  • Pins, Escapes, Punching, Defense, Weapons….it will all be covered. There simply won’t be an area left untouched. You will be one of the most dangerous men on Earth when I’m through with you.
  • Weight Training: I’ll make you as fighting strong as you can be. I’m a record setting strength athlete and I’ll share EVERYTHING I know about fitness with you. That’s my promise.
  • Cardiovascular Training: You’ll be part of the most grueling, most respected fitness program known to man: The Lucky 13. I’ll help you conquer it and more!
  • Psychology: You’ll learn what I know about dealing with pressure cooker situations. It’s more than positive thinking. It’s a rational approach to handling the tasks at hand and more. You’ll come away being cool under fire and clear thinking. This approach should be used in your everyday life as well. The principles will pay you dividends in all that you do.
  • Strikes. Train like a boxer and kickboxer. Punches, knees, headbutts, movement, slipping, blocking….you name it, you’ll learn it.
  • Plus more!


  • It’s heavy on physical and mental conditioning as well as the technical aspects, which focus on striking as much as grappling. First class will have weigh-ins, timed running (no matter the weather outside), different exercises that will be recorded, details of graphic events for self defense purposes, and other things that you won’t find at many (or any) places.
  • Secondly, this is a lot more than just showing up for a seminar. There are assignments that will be given, goals that have to be met (running, exercises, etc), teamwork with others that will be there, and I am super heavy on discipline. This isn’t going to be “fun”. It’s hard work, as I want everyone to succeed and reach within to get to a level they may not think they can achieve.
  • Third, when I say I will only accept 4 students I mean that. I not only don’t have a lot of space anymore, I want the small group to gel and be cohesive. I want to be able to focus on the individual and that can’t be done when you have a class of 10 or more guys for example. With 4 guys, it can become a small team, everyone helping each other both at my place and when you guys leave as well. I want everyone to pull together for each other. Trust me, you’ll need each other’s help.
  • I can go on, but suffice to say that this program will be extreme and nothing like a traditional martial art or grappling school. It’s both extremely technical as well as physically demanding. At the end of 12 months, those who remain will be in top physical shape and be able to handle themselves if they put in the effort. It’s the first year (Level 1) of a 4 year total program to get full instructorship. No one is guaranteed to pass. They have to work hard, pass the tests, etc, etc. So I want you to know that this is serious business.

This is the world class training you’ve asked for and deserve.

I learned in a down and dirty environment. No fancy gym, no mirrors, no glitz at all. All I dealt with was hard work and intensity. This is as close to that as possible.

This program is being offered for a one time fee of an incredible low price of $997.00. Nowhere on planet earth can you gain this knowledge. Not anywhere else. Not at any price!


Level 1 Certification Program

      Enrollment closed