This is a ONE-OF-A-KIND seminar (limited to 4 people).



This is a seminar that quite frankly, is needed world wide. I have met thousands of grapplers through the years and the one thing they seem to have in common, is a misunderstanding on how the human body reacts to submissions, and the underlying science of how to apply submission holds.

You will acquire knowledge that will separate you from everyone else. It will magnify and launch your abilities beyond anything you can learn from anyone else.

The seminar will be unlike any other you have ever taken. You will learn the principles of a fulcrum (and where to apply it), leverage, brain stimulation and diversion, and more.

  • Notebooks will be supplied for you to TAKE NOTES for future reference.
  • You will also be getting a hands on opportunity to not only apply the submissions on each other, but have me put the holds on you as well. I assure you, you have NEVER felt anything as effective and painful as what my holds can do.
  • Also, each participant will receive a special 30 minute online follow up to make sure you are following the concepts you have been exposed to.

The seminar will be held on Sunday February 24th. The time is 1-5 PM. The price is $250.00. The seminar will be taught in Wonder Lake, Il. at my personal training room. Once 4 people are booked for that date, I will close enrollment.


*Sign up must be by the February 1st!

There will be absolutely NO ONE allowed to participate unless they prepay by the 1st. No exceptions.

The Science of Submissions





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