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From: Tony Cecchine

Re: Using Catch techniques in BJJ

Hello Friend,

I’ve been involved in grappling for about 40 years now. And through those years I’ve seen many changes. Some good, some bad. For sure there’s been a lot of hype about some stuff. Most of the time the truth is vastly different from the hype.

One thing is certain. Grappling is at it’s perhaps all-time high as far as popularity. And that can be a good thing and also a bad thing. To me, I am most concerned with poor quality control. There are a lot of “experts” who frankly are really relatively clueless about the science and sophistication of submissions. Part of their lack of understanding comes from an arrogance and air of superiority. Seldom would these types of people want to learn from someone outside of their “circle.” Thankfully, I’ve met many open minded people through the years. Some I’ve trained, others I’ve work alongside. It’s always a mutual benefit. I learn, they learn. It’s the free flowing exchange of ideas that stimulates growth. I will not live in a vacuum.

“Easy To Follow”

“I especially like the flow of the video. Tony’s no-gi stuff followed by Shawn’s gi work. It makes this mp4 easy to follow and easy to implement in practice.”

Brad Newman

Using What Works

Like others, I have a quest for knowledge and a nose for BS. Too many times I end up with the BS, but that’s how the world seems to work. But when I do stumble upon the right stuff, I delve in and try to learn all I can, regardless of the subject matter. To me, I care about what is useful for me. All of us are different and have different needs. But believe me, some people are so locked into a thought pattern that they can’t see two feet in front of them. The best thing in the world for them could be staring them in the face and they simply either ignore it, or don’t see it.

Catch Wrestling

Wrestling has been around for many, many centuries. Catch Wrestling in its many variations can be traced back to Greece and Rome. It’s been the foundation of many various grappling styles through the centuries. There’s lots to be learned from this Granddaddy of wrestling.

I’ve been fortunate to have learned originally from the greatest wrestler I have ever seen, Stanley Radwan. His level of skill and strength was extraordinary. Of course later in my life I met and learned and exchanged techniques with the greatest of Catch Champions, Mr. Lou Thesz. His skill and knowledge far exceeded other so called experts…and it wasn’t even close. But the beautiful thing about Lou was his willingness even at an advanced age to pick up things from a younger wrestler, and willingly share his knowledge with me that has left a lasting impression.

This mp4

I met Shawn Chitwood in the 1990’s. He’s a terrific martial artists and his skills as a coach are at the highest level. It was an honor for me to make this video with him. Here we display that openness and sharing of ideas that is crucial to development. I am extremely proud of this instructional series.

Fast Fact:

When I was being taught Catch Wrestling, there was no concept of tapping out. I was made to suffer having the holds applied to me. There was no easy way out. I learned quickly how devastating Catch holds are and why it was vitally important NOT to get caught in one.

Shawn and I decided to team up to help expose Catch Wrestling to the JJ/BJJ world. The techniques of Catch are incomparable, and they work well in many different settings.

Our 1-1/2 hour DOUBLE TROUBLE mp4 is a gold mine of knowledge designed to take your game to untouchable levels.

  • “Tony, can I use your Catch techniques in my BJJ class?”
  • “Can the ‘twist’ principle be used when my opponent has on a jacket?”

The answer is – YES!!!

The benefits from this series come not only from the refined and dangerous Catch Wrestling techniques, but also from the fact that no other grappling art on earth teaches the way Catch teaches. It makes this stuff nearly impossible to counter!!!

On this tape, Shawn and I will show you:

  • Why your choice of grip makes the difference between a tap and a failed submission.
  • Why Catch Wrestling’s heel hook and achilles entries allow you to use your entire body against his foot.
  • Why you must “land at 7 O’clock” for every one of heel hooks and achilles locks.
  • How to force separation to break your man’s grip on your gi and fly into a brutal Catch leg lock.
  • How to enhance many of the moves you’re learning in gi grappling and make them Catch Wrestling effective!!!
  • Step-by-step breakdown of the subtleties of the moves and applications to insure success each and every time.

“Spelling It Out”

“Wow. You and Shawn sure spell it out for me. I always had trouble doing the achilles and now I see it step by step. Great explanations and awesome moves. I really, really like this mp4.”

Gene Matthewson

It’s More Important Than Ever For BJJ Guys To Learn This 

No matter how you slice it, many people have been interested in and studying Catch Wrestling. I personally have trained thousands of people through the years and countless more through my mp4s. The influence is far spread throughout the world. BJJ guys (and gals) can’t afford to be caught sleeping. You need to learn the cutting edge techniques of what it is I teach. Armbars, neck cranks, leg locks, etc. It’s an arsenal of stuff that will elevate your game no matter what your background is.

Simply put, you WILL improve your game and self defense skills by opening up and accepting knowledge. It’s an important step to take, but one that will pay dividends.

headline5Here’s what I’m going to do. I’ going to throw in my mp3-Audio set, Wristful Thinking, to skyrocket your armbars to a level you thought was unattainable. It’s my FREE gift for being a good customer. I want to help you get better and I will vow to do whatever it takes to make that come about.

Double Trouble
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Don’t wait!!! Let us teach you how to start using Catch Wrestling techniques to throw your opponent through for a loop. Many gi grappling tape series out there sell for hundreds of dollars. You get the material only to learn that your opponent has seen the same moves, and seen the same counters!!! Throw them a curve ball with Catch Wrestling techniques adapted to your gi game. Remember, I have trained well over 1,000 Jiu Jitsu men from all over the world. The techniques demonstrated on this series WORK and work well. Catch Wrestling has touched the world more than you may realize.

Thanks very much,


P.S. I want to thank Shawn for the wonderful job he did on this mp4 series.