So You Think You Can Handle a Striker?


Yes, Making This Series Helped Me Get Into The Mind Of a Kickboxer and It Will Make You a Better Fighter Because Of It



From: Tony Cecchine
Re: Knowledge is the key


Hello My Friend,

I’ve been a student of the fight game since I was a young boy. I’ve trained and been exposed to a myriad of different styles. Some were good, some were bad. And I’ve met tons of fighters and martial artists through the years. Some were good, some were bad. But I’m here to tell you when it comes to kickboxing, Terry Dow is good. He’s real, real good, but more about him later.

Man, I’ll just take a striker down and tap him out.

Yeah right. I started out as a striker. I still consider myself a striker. A truly good striker has great footwork and ferocious speed and power. Things aren’t that simple that you’ll just get an easy takedown. There is a lot more to it. And for you strikers, all is not lost against a good wrestler either. There are options for you, but if YOU go into it thinking you’ll get a quick KO, you’re playing with fire.

So let me start out by asking a general question. This is to no one style in particular.

Are you that confident in your skill set that you don’t need to learn a little about how “the other side” thinks and operates?

Hey, maybe you are THAT great and everything comes easy and naturally to you! But I have a feeling that you’re the exception and not the rule (or maybe you live in a bit of denial). I’m here to tell you that going up against someone who is skilled in an area that you may not be too familiar with is dicey at best, and deadly at worst.

So let me shoot from the hip (no pun intended) and be brutally honest:

If you’re a grappler and think you don’t need to learn how strikers think and operate, or if you’re a striker and think little of the wrestling game then this mp4 Series is not for you. But,

If you’re a striker or grappler and want to learn to deal with the “dark side”, THIS mp4 series will change the way you fight for the rest of your life! It may even help save your life.

There’s a lot of things to ponder. Punching, kicking, headbutts, elbows, knees, chokes, slams, submission holds…man I could go on and on. But there is always a solution if you know where to look and how to act on it when you find it.

Let me relate a story to you of someone who came to my gym many years ago. He was a pretty accomplished boxer. He came to me to try and figure out the whole “grappling craze” thing. He knew he had a fair amount of power and hand speed, and he knew the right way to transport his body against other boxers, but he was a bit mortified to see some of the wrestlers taking down guys with what appeared to be relative ease. He seemed mystified and fearful of something that he simply didn’t have a full understanding of. I assured him I could be of help if he listened to me and really analyzed how I think.

To make a long story short, I exposed what wrestlers do, how they move, how they think. I told him their strengths and weaknesses. Showed him the vulnerabilities and what have you. In essence, I demystified the very thing that was perplexing him. In just a short time, he gained confidence and intelligence on the subject matter. Rest assured, I was not coaching him on how to become a great wrestler. Rather, I was teaching him how to beat a wrestler at his own game, using his already established boxing skills. And since I am a striker first, I had valuable insight that a strict wrestler only would never have.

Friends, for most of my adult life I have interacted with, trained, sparred, counseled, you name it, men (and women) that have come from a wide variety of sportive and fighting styles. It’s my versatility that sets me apart from others who have a narrower field of sight.

Here’s My Solution

I’m giving all of you the chance to be that “boxer” that came to my gym many years ago. This mp4 series will open up the secrets so to speak, that strikers and wrestlers carry around with them. You’re not even picking our brain. We’re spilling the secrets willingly.


The Catch and Kickboxing Series

One of the men I’ve had the pleasure to train has a prodigious kickboxing background. How prodigious? Well let’s just say he’s probably legendary Bill “Superfoot” Wallace’s best student. And if you know Superfoot, you know he was the undefeated Middleweight Kickboxing Champion of the World (plus has a collegiate wrestling, as well as judo background to boot)! Plus this man is an incredible teacher. Yes, Terry Dow impresses me to say the least. And…he’s a helluva nice guy too.

So when he and I discussed doing a project together, man I couldn’t wait to get started. So we brainstormed and put together a terrific series aimed at helping EVERYONE regardless of their background. This is vitally important, fundamental techniques and tactics that needs to be in everyone’s library of knowledge.

Here’s a sampling (because there is A LOT of information on these 4 downloads) of what we decided to cover:

  • Teaching strikers the importance of understanding basic wrestling as a means of defending themselves against an opponent skilled in wrestling and ground fighting
  • The importance of stopping takedowns
  • Keeping a proper striking distance
  • Recognizing the telltale signs that a wrestler or brawler is about to come in on you
  • How to thwart a ground attack long enough to get you back to your feet
  • The hip heist (the key to unlocking the “lock” of being pinned)
  • A proper bridge (a fundamental technique geared to give to space to make your next move)
  • Escapes
  • Reversals
  • Drills to enable you to become comfortable and proficient in these moves

But let me add that there’s even more:

  • If you’re a seasoned groundfighter, how might you get inside on a skilled kickboxer in order to affect a takedown?
  • What weaknesses in the striking game should you look for that give you that “in” to take your shot?
  • Learn many of the basic kicks and movement drills practiced by experienced kickboxers — as well as ways to counter them should your striking opponent leave himself open for a counter offensive.
  • Learn how to time an opponent’s strikes by watching his footwork or recognizing tells in his timing

I’m telling you this series is a loaded with information.


“Being on the bottom is NOT superior “

“I received the Seminar Series as part of the Titanium Package. I am speechless at what I saw. I learned so much. Like Tony promised, I am no longer stuck on the bottom. I no longer fall victim to the B.S. that being on the bottom is superior. Tony’s Catch Wrestling is what’s superior. it’s truly changed the way I think and fight.”

Tim Hogan


“This is a Goldmine”

“This is one of those quiet little goldmines that exists. I was really pleasantly surprised at how well both of you guys worked together on video. The techniques are in a class by themselves. I’ve viewed other collaboration tapes and it seemed more like a macho contest with the viewers missing out on the finer details. You guys cover everything from proper hand placement to even where to put your foot. That kind of detail can only come from very knowledgeable people. You guys are at the top of the list.”

Tony Mills


This series is a truly valuable set that serves both the striker and the wrestler/groundfighter by providing insights and strategies from both disciplines — and a must have for those who wish to strengthen every aspect of their overall fight game.



I don’t want to see you fail or get hurt because “I” withheld information. I’ve opened up quite a bit on this series, as did Terry. We want you to see how the “other side” operates and remove some of the mystery that may surround things. That is one of the reasons why we both decided to do this. No “bogarting” information.

I am very confident that you will see things clearly and make vast improvements in your fight game by studying this material and implementing the tactics.

If these 4 mp4s aren’t enough for you, I’ve decided to add a CRAZY bonus offer for you.



headline5I’m going to throw in my 2 mp3 Audio set, Wristful Thinking, that clearly explains one of Catch Wrestling’s most effective submissions. It will work very beneficially for you to add it to the arsenal of techniques. This is $30.00 value.

So let’s get started on learning all of these terrific fighting tactics. No matter if you’re a striker, wrestler, a little of both, or somewhere in between, you will get a truckload of pertinent information designed to make you a much better, more well rounded fighter.





The Catch and Kickboxing Series

YES! I want to be more well rounded and effective.

  • I understand I will get this 4 mp4s series that will show me insights and concepts into the wrestling/striking/kickboxing game
  • I will receive the bonus 2 CD-Audio series, Wristful Thinking which is a $30.00 value absolutely free
  • I can refund for any reason or no reason whatsoever within the next 30 days

Catch and Kickboxing Series

(Approx. 200 min.)

PRICE: $117.00






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Catch and Kickboxing Series

Price: $117.00


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I sincerely look forward to lending you a helping hand in improving your fighting skills. You’re going to do just fine!

Thanks very much,






P.S. I want to thank Terry Dow for the wonderful job he did on this video series. He’s the epitome of what a martial artist should be.