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From: Tony Cecchine

Re: How this seminar opened people’s eyes

Hello Friend,

I find it amusing how some people still cling to outdated and inferior ways of thinking. I can remember when I was young how my Grandparents where reluctant to get a color TV, as black and white was all they knew. And forget about getting air conditioning. That never happened. Even now I see people who still hold on tight to their beliefs, even when shown something better or more efficient.

In the fight game, there are still people who don’t want to see the bigger picture. People who are so adamant about not changing their ways that even in defeat they will not acknowledge that it was their techniques and training that did them in. For people like that, there’s usually no hope.

However, for some people all they are indeed looking for is a better way to do things. They want to get better and have this deep feeling that there’s something “out there” that fills their needs.

Tony Cecchine’s American Catch Wrestling

For about 20 years now I have been teaching via the internet the techniques and skills I’ve learned. It has opened people’s eyes to show them a more technical and efficient way to do things then they have previously been exposed to. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be anything radical. It may be something very tiny in detail that magnifies exponentially. Sometimes it’s simply thinking outside the box to show them there’s more than one way to skin a cat (sorry cat lovers).

When I do seminars there are plenty of oohs and ahh moments. Moments where the students can’t believe how effective what they saw truly was. Believe me when I tell you, what I teach is different. It’s vastly different from the other so-called Catch Wrestlers too. My stuff wasn’t designed to be theatrical and entertainment. It was designed to cripple people for life. In essence, it’s not sport. It’s not show business. It’s brutal effectiveness at its highest level.

“The Others Can’t Compare”

“Tony Cecchine is the best Catch Wrestler there is. I trained with others in the Catch community. They spend more time talking crap about people then they do actually training with good stuff. With them it’s a mutual admiration society among each other,complying with each other when putting on holds that are useless against someone serious.”

Steve Fisher

Here’s The Scoop

I’m not easily impressed. I feel that stems from the fact that I have been exposed to world class people not only in the fight game, but in the strength world, music, and pool. These people I have met (and studied with) weren’t elevated because of hype. They made it to the head of the class on pure skill and ability. So when I hear or read of someone who is supposed to be so terrific, I take it with a grain of salt. Usually, it’s all hype.

There are a lot of good things I see in the current fight world, but to be honest, there is much more poor and sloppy things. I see routinely, terrible technique, improper understanding of physics and body mechanics, bad balance….I could go on all day. I admit it irks me. But that’s because I’m a perfectionist. I want things done the right way.

Fast Fact:

In the early parts of the 20th Century, Japanese jiu jitsu experts routinely participated in worked (fake) wrestling matches. In the years that followed, Judo and Karate men among others would also follow suit.

It’s not about building a better mousetrap. It’s about pulling the veil off of what is truly being hidden from you. And there is a lot that is being hidden.

Getting the Knowledge Out There

That brings me to this video series. I decided to release this series because the information contained in it is so valuable, that I have been bombarded by people asking me to sell it to them. Many times when I do seminars, there is no filming. But this event was one that I specifically put on. And it was done shortly after my many hospital stays (I was plenty laid up in 2001-2002) to show that it’s much more than being physically elite that gets the job done. It’s all about being technically elite.

What is so special about this series, is the rawness of it. It’s uncut….it’s down and dirty. It shows the men working out, drilling, wrestling. It shows men from literally all over the world who convened in Chicago to learn what they can’t learn anywhere else. Beginners to intermediates, to expert coaching by Bruce and myself, this series has it all. I attempted to showcase a wide variety of basic skills needed to excel at CACC.

“Changed the Way I Think and Fight”

“I received the Seminar Series as part of the Titanium Package. I am speechless at what I saw. I learned so much. Like Tony promised, I am no longer stuck on the bottom. I no longer fall victim to the B.S. that being on the bottom is superior. Tony’s Catch Wrestling is what’s superior. It’s truly changed the way I think and fight.”

Tim Hogan

Here are some of the material that is covered on this series:

  • Getting off your back. Watch as I go live against a UFC veteran and get off my back and out in a mere few seconds.
  • Application of holds even when using MMA gloves
  • Bruce’s front headlock takedown. Poetry in motion
  • Analyzation as the men all live wrestle.

You know, I’m going to leave much of this series a mystery. Why? Because just like many seminars, you may not know what to expect. So that’s the approach I will take here. But let’s just say this. The Seminar Series has been made public for many years now and it still sells like hotcakes because the techniques are world class and timeless.

headline5I’m going to give everyone who purchases this set a FREE Lucky 13 Primer Audio mp3 that is designed to help improve your conditioning, and is a precursor to my Lucky 13 program.

The Catch Wrestling Seminar Series

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I know you’ll gain a lot of insight and knowledge from this series. I look forward to hearing about your progress.

Thanks very much,


P.S. Make sure to implement the Lucky 13 Primer into your workout regimen.