Limited Intensive Training Opportunities

by / Sunday, 06 May 2018 / Published in VLOG

Hi Everyone,


I’ve received inquiries about the 3 and 5 day Intensive Training as well as the Tri-C Program for 2018. I am only accepting 1 person for each of those programs, so that means 3 people total.  The 3 and 5 day training is truly intensive, albeit for a short interval compared to the Tri-C Program. Of course all of the programs entail being in Chicago, and you would be staying at my place to avoid any hotel/motel expenses.

If anyone is interested, I urge you to sign up as soon as possible. I will not hold any slots. It is 100% strictly on a first come, first serve basis.

Here is a response to someone I sent in regards to the itinerary for the 3/5 day Training intensive:


“The itinerary really depends on the student and his/her current ability (physically) and goals.

Basically though, I cover proper exercises that are specific for fight training, (as for fighting techniques,) I strongly cover the basic fundamentals of standing and ground techniques that are absolutely necessary and sadly seem to be lacking in many folks current training. Offensive and defensive tactics, strikes, rips, submissions, etc. are of course covered.

In the classroom time, there’s a lot of discussion on strategies, self defense, diet, etc. I used to have a very strict training protocol but had to abandon it because it was too intense for everyone that came out. I like structure however and while there will be time to relax of course, this isn’t a party. I want folks up at a certain time and working out. Since I no longer have my gym I have to change the timing of stuff, but I try to make it an intense learning environment nonetheless.”

Here are the links to get more information:


3/5 Day Training Intensives 

Tri-C Program


If you have any further questions, feel free to email me.

Thanks very much,


Tony Cecchine