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Welcome to the new Catch Wrestling Newsletter.

There’s lots of stuff to talk about. First off, happy holidays to you and
your family. I hope this season is joyous, healthy, and abundant for you.
Let’s keep it going strongly into 2017!

I have switched to a new and significantly better newsletter service. Those
who are enrolled as a subscriber will be receiving weekly video “tips” from
the video archives for you to watch at your leisure. I hope everyone enjoys
it. In advance, I’m issuing an apology in case the initial email gets sent
out twice. Migrating to the new company was a bit confusing. Hopefully
everything is all A-OK.

For those of you who may not know, I am now offering Digital Downloads for
nearly all of my DVDs/CDs and packages. That means you can get the material
instantly for downloading in MP4/MP3 format. This has been a long time
coming and I’m sure many of you welcome that change. To order, make sure
you select the Downloads to add to your cart:


I have migrated and augmented the Membership section to
This Training Portal area is a terrific place to learn and exchange ideas.
There is a forum, as well as an online area for lessons. You can choose
either a basic free account, or the far more in depth paid area where you
will received online seminars as well as webinars designed to improve all
areas of your fighting and fitness needs. Click the link for more

Subscription Plan

We have commissioned Official Catch Wrestling T-Shirts. Some of you may
remember the t-shirts I used to offer years ago. This is a completely new
design and comes with a bit of a twist. I will get to the twist in a
moment, but first:

We had a first run 20 t-shirts printed up (10 large and 10 x-large). That’s
all the stock I have. I am giving one away as a free bonus whenever someone
purchases a DVD (or Digital Download) package at $200 or more. All I
ask is that you drop me an email telling me if you’d prefer a large or
x-large shirt. Needless to say, you will have to act super fast as once the
size is out, it will not be reordered at this time. The t-shirts are BLACK
and here is the what the front of the shirt will look like:


As a CYBER MONDAY extra special offer, use coupon code CM15 to get a 15%
discount on any of the packages offered. Just enter the coupon code at
checkout. This discount is good through Friday December 2, 2016. The free
t-shirt offer is WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!


Now for any new enrollee in either the Tr-C Program or someone who signs up
for the 3-5 Day Training intensive, you will receive a free t-shirt upon
your departure from Chicago.


Another twist will be an upcoming announcement for Tri-C members, as they
will be receiving customized shirts based on time in training. This will be
explained in detail in a future newsletter.

Stay tuned for future announcements including an upcoming free webinar for
newsletter subscribers.

As always, thanks for your continued support!

Tony Cecchine