From: Tony Cecchine

Re: The Training Opportunity of the Year


Hello Fighting Enthusiast,

If any of you are like me, self defense and survival are a top priority in your life. Coming from the bad background I had as a child, many a night I wondered if my next day would be my last day on earth. I literally lived in fear. Yes, I took beatings, many of them. I survived guns, knives, bats, pipes…you name it. I went through it as did some of my loved ones. I couldn’t even vow to do something bout it because learning to fight seemed hopeless and out of reach for me.

As luck would have it, I had a chance to learn to box and wrestle and some martial arts as well (although I consider boxing and wrestling TRUE martial arts) thanks to some great men who took an interest in helping me develop. All I can say is, I did learn to fight…extremely well. And I did use the techniques I acquired to save my life. Once I reached adulthood, I was in a position to make a vow finally. My vow was to help teach people the proper way to fight to perhaps save their lives in a desperate situation. That’s why for over 20 years I have opened the doors to my house to allow people to come stay with me and train. And I will continue to do so as long as I am able.

The Chance To Train

It’s not often in life that we get the chance to make a leap in our knowledge or our ability. When it presents itself, we have to make sure we’re ready to make a move on it. I am offering you just that chance. A chance to spend a few days and learn the finest techniques available, and to be immersed in an environment designed to make you learn.

“This goes far beyond what I learned in Karate. You have made this into a science. It is unbelievable. Thanks for making this.”

Mark Ballent

Many of us live a hectic, stressful life. I know sometimes it can get to me, that’s for sure. But one thing I know, I still have to take care of business. I’m sure you do as well. So with that in mind, let me ask you a question.

Is learning to defend yourself and your loved ones, and getting in shape and important aspect of your life? If it is, then I am making it easy for you to do just that. There really shouldn’t be any excuses for you to NOT start taking care of the most important business there is, learning to defend yourself and your family.

This Is Truly The Training Opportunity Of The Year

Now is your chance to train intensively here in Chicago, personally, to learn one of the most devastating fighting systems in the world. I’m talking about being totally immersed in learning and more importantly, absorbing knowledge that will make a difference in your life. I’m not talking about you coming for an hour or two private lesson. I’m talking living the life for about a week. You choose. 3 days or 5 days. But whichever you choose know this, it will change your life in regards to fighting.

I will get to KNOW you. How you move, how you think, how you strategize. I will put you on a program designed specifically for you. That’s what’s so important. It’s about YOU!



Here is just some of what is included:

  1. You will be picked up at the airport personally by me. There’s no need for rental cars or even a hotel room. Why?
  2. You will be staying with me to have constant access designed to enhance your learning experience. Think of it as a mini boot camp or even a retreat. No need to shell out for a hotel/motel room.
  3. The techniques you’ll learn are ALL real world tactics and are as serious as a heart attack. You will learn tactics not covered on any of my video/dvd material.
  4. You will be assessed and have a personal training program designed to enhance and augment your already existing knowledge. Plus you’ll learn strategies and concepts unlike ANY, anywhere in the martial arts world.
  5. Psychology training will be deeply covered. You’ll learn far more about your opponent and yourself, then you ever thought possible. Learn fear triggers, body mechanics and language, scenario training, environmental/landscape training, automotive tactics, weapons (real world, not fancy gym B.S.), plus much more.
  6. Conditioning will be covered. All aspects of what it will take to make you an invincible fighting machine.
  7. Certificate of completion as well as other special benefits
  8. You will be trained in striking, offense and defense strategies, takedowns and throws, submissions, escapes, counters, science of movement, conditioning, psychology of self defense, proper footwork and head movement, plus much more.


Typical Training Schedule

5:30 AM Wake up call
6:00 AM Roadwork
7:00 AM Breakfast
9:00 AM-1:00 PM Gym Session
3:00 PM-4:00 PM Psychology of Fighting/Training/Classroom
4:00 PM-9:00 PM Open/Leisure Time
9:00 PM-9:30 PM Review


Enjoy your leisure time by going to a private beach, nature walking, hiking, cycling, swimming, or just plain relaxing.

This is the only training package of its kind.

The training is for 3 or 5 days. All you need to do is place your order and then we will work together to schedule the exact dates you can be here. Because this is so time extensive, coupled with my other commitments, I am STRICTLY limiting this offer to 10 people only. It is first come, first serve. When I run offers like this, I get an overwhelming response from folks interested in training. I cannot schedule my time unless you are FIRMLY committed to training. Do not ask to hold you a spot and you’ll pay in the future. All requests of that nature will be immediately discarded.

This price INCLUDES lodging! All you need to do is GET to Chicagoland.


headline5If you enroll now, I will include my Snap, No Tap Video Series to help you get a bit prepared for the training. That is my 12 part seminal work on fighting tactics.


You’d be hard pressed to find a more thorough and complete trainer that has produced a stable of champions throughout the years. But even if your goals are a bit less lofty, there’s no substitute for quality instruction. I will be here for all of your training needs.


Intensive Training

YES! I want to learn the most devastating techniques possible.

  • I understand I will be responsible for my transportation to and from Chicago, as well as food during my stay
  • I will receive intense training geared to making me a better fighter
  • I will receive the complete Snap, No Tap video series as a free bonus






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So sign up and reserve your spot. Then email me about dates that we can workout to train. I look forward to working with you.



P.S. Please act fast as I truly cannot accept but a few people into this program. It’s very time consuming and intense even for me.